Do you Have a Teachable Spirit?

Without a teachable spirit we will be as said in [ 2 Timothy 3:7 ] “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

If we have a teachable spirit and want to know all the ways of the LORD then we will be good students. Yes, there is a spirit of learning. We must first have a teachable spirit ourselves before we can teach others. Above all other learning the Bible doctrines require a teachable spirit. If you truly desire the truth ask the LORD everyday in prayer to give you a teachable spirit. That teachable spirit is a deep longing to know the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the desire to have answers to spritual questions. In that longing will come deep important questions that make you ache to know the answers. Ask and you shall receive.

Even in the worldly school if a child does not have a teachable spirit they will grow up with very little knowledge and
understanding of what they are taught or what they must do to get along in this world. Many times this is called a learning disability or lazy. Then there are those that excell in worldly learning and are unable to learn or understand the Bible doctrines.

A person that has a disinterest in learning causes teaching them to become almost impossible. They can learn enough to get by in this world but do not care at all about the world to come?

Then we have those that do not do well in some subjects in the worldly learning that have a great spirit of learning for the things of the LORD. They then go on to have the spirit of teaching while continuing to have the spirit of learning with them always. This comes because the LORD blesses them with the spirit of learning, teaching and revelation. Don’t judge how well you did in the world’s school as to how well you will do in GOD’S Word.

Many who followed JESUS CHRIST were not learned men. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom and that key is wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Even though Peter was uneducated in the world he had the greatest of all teachers. Even with the LORD JESUS teaching him he still had to have a teachable spirit in order to learn.

I pray these few words will put a strong desire in us for the spirit of learning. Ask for it and you shall receive it. Remember that before you teach you must first learn. Always study with this in mind: Who is talking, Who are they talking to and What are they talking about. Also what time period is it, past, present or future. Is it happening now, did it already happen or is it to come in the future. The Bible is always up to date on all things spiritual.

By: Sylvia Kolenda

This was taught to me by Ernest Kolenda and is priceless and will always be timely.


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